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Who We Are

Through story & art, our aim is to inspire compassion towards ourselves and others who live with mental illness.

Compassion: the courage to see, the courage to feel, and the courage to love.

Our stories and tours are designed for children ages six to eight.


B.C. Clare



Bryanna is the author of Compassion Fables. She crafts these moving stories from her unique background in creating lyrical rhymes, writing vivid stories, connecting with children, and experiencing mental illness firsthand. 

Bryanna has seen the power of compassion when struggling with one's mental health. The importance of teaching compassion at a young age is not only vital to early childhood development, but also in equipping the next generation with their greatest tool: Love.


Christy Hillier is the illustrator of Compassion Fables. As the mother of two-year-old Theo, she grew a passion for children's books and seeing them illustrated well.

When Theo becomes entranced by his mother's drawings, she sees firsthand the intrinsic power art has on children. 


Christy Hillier



"The imagery and clear message will support and inform the reader and help reduce stigma of mental health issues."

Bill Helmeczi RP RSW

Director Strategic Initiatives, Standards and Practices

Pathstone Mental Health

“Simple (so that kids will understand),  beautiful in word and image, and surprisingly deep, these fables may go a long way toward reducing mental illness stigma in future generations.”

Stephen P. Hinshaw

Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley 
Professor of Psychiatry, UC San Francisco 
Author, ‘Another Kind of Madness: A Journey through the Stigma and Hope of Mental Illness’


News & Events

  • Bookings Available for 2023!
    West Oxfordshire
    January 2023 - April 2023 We will be touring schools in West Oxfordshire presenting an interactive story time for Foundations to Year 3. Alongside memorable activities, we will be teaching students about compassion and the importance of feelings. Now booking. Contact for details.
News and Events


For any booking inquiries, please contact Bryanna Bone:

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